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Our banker dresses!

24 Apr

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been very busy working on our new banker uniforms. We have decided upon white dresses which we can paint on and decorate as we see fit.

We chose to paint quotes onto the dresses which represent the ethos behind the Bank of Twinkle & Tinsel and to decorate them with our bespoke bank notes, along with lots of sparkly glittery things.

You’ll see us wearing our new uniforms whenever we stage our bank, and so for now until they are complete here are some photos as a taster!

Tinsel dress

Twinkle at work!

Dress 1

Dress 4

dress 2

Dress 3


Introducing the Bank of Twinkle &Tinsel!

10 Apr

We set up the Bank of Twinkle and Tinsel in 2012.  It is a bank that trades in thoughts rather than currency, and aims to create an arena for an alternative style debate and discussion on the global economic crisis.


You may have been introduced to the Bank of Twinkle & Tinsel last summer – when we kidnapped a banker and held him to ransom for the duration of the private view of our exhibition ‘A Mini Retrospective’. We wanted to provide people with a platform to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions on the global economic crisis, we thought that kidnapping a banker would be a playful and fun approach to it.


(Waiting outside RBS with our fishing nets, ready to catch the banker)

We have produced our own currency in order to establish a small co-operative where ideas and thoughts replace money.  We ask people to write their thoughts about money, the economy and issues surrounding finance directly onto the banknotes, once they give us one of their thoughts on a banknote, we then give them another thought on a banknote which was previously collected by ourselves.

It is a creative arena outside of politics or the media, people can say exactly what they want to say, the exchange of thoughts and ideas will grow and develop as the Bank of Twinkle and Tinsel progresses.


(One of the banknotes)

Nearly a year on The Bank of Twinkle & Tinsel is back, this time not necessarily with a kidnapped banker.  We are very excited to announce that The bank will be appearing several times in different locations over the summer, and we have set up this blog to document these events and to record the public interaction with the idea.

There were some fantastic comments written on the Tinsel & Twinkle bespoke banknotes last summer, and we will be posting these soon plus all sorts of updates about the new bank cashier uniforms we’ve been creating, or where you might be able to come and see our bank this summer….please follow us for all the up to date news!


Tinsel & Twinkle (The People’s Bank) x