The Art Car Boot Fair 2013

12 Jun

The Bank of Tinsel & Twinkle pitched up at the Art Car Boot Fair last Sunday 9th June, and we had an AMAZING time!  Thank you so much Art Car Boot for inviting us to take part, and thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the economy on our bank notes.

We set up opposite Marcus Harvey and the TURPS painting studio, in between the fab ABrookes Art, The Outside World and The Scrawl Collective.  Feeling a bit chilly in our banker uniforms we built our bank and waited for the crowds.  We’d heard rumours that people had camped outside for the night, and the queues at 8.30am were going all the way round the block and back!

Dead on 12 the car park quickly started to fill up and it was soon a busy and buzzing atmosphere, Peter Blake selling wonderful A3 prints, Pure Evil screen printing as fast as he could!  Gavin Turk selling balloons filled with Vauxhall exhaust fumes, Tracey Emin signing her wares, live music from the Bethnal Green Working Mens club, Cultivate Gallery, Jealous Gallery amongst so many other wonderful things.

100s of people came to visit our bank, and by the end of the day we had filled our stand with a display of banknotes with comments written on them.  The comments were varied and all equally fascinating, personal, political, off the cuff, profound, song lyrics, funny, silly, kids drawings, loads of different things….  Everyone who contributed a thought got one of banknotes in return with one of our thoughts on it, stamped with the days date.

We will be uploading a selection of these shortly.

Thanks again, we are even more excited about taking our bank to Vienna now!

Tinsel & Twinkle x






IMG_2129 IMG_2051

The winner of the Twinkle & Tinsel goodies we donated to Art Pass the Parcel!  All proceeds going to Just For Kids Law


Our kidnapped banker…



T&T and banker


‘Capital Divided’ a brand new collaborative print to coincide with the Art Car Boot Fair, a percentage of sales going to Just For Kids Law also.



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