The Bank of Twinkle and Tinsel was created in 2012 by London based art duo Twinkle Troughton and Tinsel Edwards.  It is a bank that trades in thoughts rather than currency, and aims to create an arena for an alternative style debate and discussion on the global economic crisis.

Tinsel & Twinkle met when they were 9, over a pot of poster paints at their first school. Since that fortuitous meeting they have pursued their individual artistic practices, but sharing a history and similar creative concerns, they often join forces to collaborate on projects and exhibit together, including co-curating exhibitions.

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  1. Twinkle & Tinsel Take Vienna – And You Can Help… | After Nyne - April 11, 2013

    […] to interact with people and gain an insight into how global economics are affecting them via the Bank of Twinkle & Tinsel.   The Bank of Twinkle & Tinsel trades in thoughts and not currency. We ask people to write […]

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