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Bank Notes with Thoughts: Post 3

14 Aug

Bank note 13

Bank note 14

Bank note 16

Bank note 17

Bank note 18

Bank note 19

Bank note 20

Bank note 21

Bank note 22

Bank note 23



Bank Notes with Thoughts: Post 2

17 Jun

Here is another taster of some of our bank notes from our A-Side B-Side exhibition last summer. We’ll be posting a more extensive selection of Art Car Boot Fair

Bank Note 8Bank Note 7banknotes very soon, but for now enjoy!

Bank Note 9

Bank Note 10

Bank Note 11a

Bank note 11b

Bank Notes with Thoughts: Post 1

15 May

Bank note 3

We have now started to upload and display some of the bank notes given back to us during our first staging of the Bank of T&T at A-Side B-Side Gallery last July. We’ve chosen a few to give a taster here and will be adding more and updating soon.

We’ll be continuing to collect these bank notes with people’s thoughts on each time we stage our bank, and each time will create a display like in these images:



And here are the bank notes:

Bank note 1

Bank note 2

Bank note 4

Bank note 5

Bank note 6